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Sep 4, 2012 11:00am PDT
of virginia, governor tim cane. thanks for joining -- governor tim kaine. thanks for joining us. first of all, welcome. i brought you out here. obviously, these conversations are always uncomfortable. >> uh-oh. >> jon: joe biden is going to be our first interview. so here you are -- you were on the final short list to be the vice president. it was yourself, joe biden and i believe evan bayh. >> ed mcmahon. >> jon: tell me about the vetting. what is the vetting process? >> people know a lot of things about me that i never thought i would reveal. they go into detail. your high school girlfriend's middle name, they give you a name and then they come back and say "she said she was never your girlfriend" so it's intense. >> jon: what would that have to do with being vice president? >> that was what i wondered. >> jon: it's this intense, weird process, and they check into everything. >> they really do. really do. >> jon: did senator obama gives each person a rose that goes on to the next round? how do they let you know that you have gone to the next round? >> it's very mysterious. it's probably som
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Sep 4, 2012 11:30am PDT
's keynote speaker, governor of virginia mark this is washingto where barrac d himself into mark warner: "and then, a budds this new idea. this thing called "car telephones". yoyou are crazy go get a real j. nobody is going to want a phone in their car. with a lot of hard work i got into the ground floor of the cell industry. excuse me for a minute. >> hi, is mark there please? >> oh he's busy can i leave a message? you speech suuuks he made no ito sense and you suck. you don't have to call me back. all right. >>> senator clinton'sintroductis and included 48 speakers. leaving one slack jawed on camera for an uncomfortable amount of mouth breathing time. what the? this is the only thing i can imagine he doesn't have sweat glands and that is how he stays cold. finally, it was time for hillary clinton to speak. you know her her people made a little video tribute to lead into her speech. we -- i'm sorry. couldn't help ourselves we made a little party of what that video would be if we made it. take a look. >> hillary. how do you become a. they did write back an say "we're not taking any wom
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2